A Targeted Approach

SmartOysters is a complete farm management system for the oyster and wider aquaculture industries. We help producers to rapidly improve productivity, enabling operations to scale resulting in improved profitability and business resilience.

Our platform is designed for all segments of the industry. SmartOysters can be used to manage an individual wild catch farms including oysters and mussels; but also enterprise scale aquaculture businesses with multiple interests including aquaculture precinct developments, hatcheries and nurseries.

We provide enterprise data analytics and integration into wider agtech IoT enabling producers to own and gain value from farm data for production, provenance and supply chain traceability.

SmartOysters includes a multi-platform mobile app that has been designed by oyster farmers to help you manage your farm.

  • Stay on top of your farm activities by knowing where your stock is, and what and when things need to happen

  • Free your mind and reclaim your weekends!

  • Collect real time farm data & unlock the true potential of your farm.

Our Advantages

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Building scalable, sustainable and resilient Aquaculture

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