Our intuitive and automated data collection application is backed by world class data analytics team.
  • For your Farm Operations team this means less time collecting data and more time farming smarter.

  • For your Management team this means un-precedented visibility of operations – real time reporting for real time decision making.

  • For your Research & Development team this means less time analysing data and more time solving problems.

  • For your Investors this means greater transparency, significantly reduced risk and faster returns on investment.

SmartOysters will save you time and money as your business scales.

Standing and watching
Standing and watching


Seamless integration with your farm practice.
  • "We handle the set-up so you can focus on your business" – SmartOysters provides a full service that’s second to none...

  • We want you to focus on managing your business, not software. SmartOysters undertakes all mapping, on-boarding of farm information, staff training, customisation and troubleshooting.

  • You will be surprised at how quickly we can do it too!


We are here for the long run...
  • You need to know that your service providers are still going to be around next year. Imagine what would happen if a small service provider over committed and collapsed, leaving you without a management system at harvest time!

  • SmartOysters has a large, well resourced and professional front line and support team assisting farm businesses around the world.

  • You can rest safe in the knowledge that we’re here to stay & help you to maximise your farm’s potential.

Standing and watching

Moana NZ using SmartOysters

Don't just take our word for it though. Here’s what industry giants and SmartOyster user Moana NZ had to say about us...