Farm Management Platform

Our platform allows farmers to record stock movements, automatically schedule farm tasks and manage workflow through a simple intuitive interface. It is designed to be customisable, scalable and to automate as much data collection as possible. SmartOysters includes comprehensive farm management and executive management reporting dashboards.

SmartOysters is designed for all aquaculture species including oysters, mussels, clams, seaweed & fin fish.

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Sense & Respond Farming

SmartOysters’ key advantage is the ability to utilise sensor data to drive better farm management and security. In response to sensor data our platform is designed to alert managers, automatically re-schedule and assign tasks. Our goal is to increase farm productivity and de-risk operations.

SmartOysters offers complete plug and play sensors systems for collection of lease and land based environmental data as well as security and machinery breakdown alerts through the SmartOysters Platform.

Farm Finance

SmartOysters farm finance allows farmers to upgrade equipment, invest in new sustainable cultivation methods and scale up operations based on farm practice and environmental performance.

Our farm investment fund assists sustainable farming operations of all sizes to grow and improve practices using non traditional security including aquaculture leases, stock on water and non fixed assets (oyster baskets).

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Provenance & Ecosystem Service Certification

SmartOysters platform provides a historic geo-spatial and farm practice view of your farmed product and providing certifiable quality and certifiable provenance to protect your brand.

Many Aquaculture products have a beneficial impact of the local environment and the community. SmartOysters uses real time validation of farm practice , environmental and economic metrics to measure the ecosystem services of your farm business. Our certified ecosystem services model allows your business to continually improve and promote its environmental credentials.

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